Thank you for your interest in helping White Eagle Christian Academy. It is support from individuals like your self that allows our school to remain alive and growing. Below we have outlined briefly the three main ways that you can help us:

Our school was, and will always be, based on our belief that for us to remain true to our mission of educating children in a positive, loving environment where their God-given potential is realized, we must continually ask for His guidance. We ask that you, as someone with an interest in W.E.C.A., to greatly help us to that end by offering your own prayers for our ministry to children. Please pray for our students, that they may be led always to strive to attain their God-given potential, and may remain strong in their faith and academic effort. Please pray as well for their families and their neighbors, as we extend this vision and hope not only to our children but to our community as well. We also humbly ask for prayer for our teachers and staff as we work daily to fulfill our duties as educators, caretakers and moral examples to God’s smallest and most vulnerable people. Finally, please pray that our school will continue to grow, to thrive, and to become not a sheltered oasis but a veritable force of God that ensures the brightest possible future for our children.


It has been, and always will be, our tradition to supply each and every one of our students with all of the educational materials he or she needs, down to the last eraser. Donations of school supplies and equipment free up more funds for tuition and allow us to subsidize as much cost for a family as we need to. Donations of computers and technical lab equipment will continue to always be an urgent need, as we will be forced to regularly update so that our children are up to standard with the latest in today’s technological advances. It is imperative in a relatively isolated region such as ours that our children are connected to the larger world via technology and are ready to enter that world competently as high-school students.

Make a Donation


The annual cost of one school year at White Eagle Christian Academy is  $3,600.  We are pleased by that, because within such a small budget (especially by private school standards) we are able to offer an outstanding Christian education, as well as hot meals, field trips, as well as all of the “extras” that help to make school exciting, welcoming, and challenging. However, our tuition of $1,260 per year does not, of course, cover even half of our expenses. Also, our policy is to never turn away a child because his or her parents are unable to cover the tuition. 

As you can see, we are truly relying on God and His people to help sustain our school and it’s growth. We strongly believe that once we have fully established The White Eagle Foundation (through Wells Fargo Bank) and have its revenue available to us we will not have to rely solely on donor’s tax-deductible gifts. Until that time, these donated funds are gratefully used entirely for the support of our students. Once we have the foundation funds available for daily costs we can aim toward our future growth as a major educational center for not only The Rosebud Reservation but for South Dakota as well.  It is a mighty vision that God has provided for our people and we thank you for wanting to assist us in His work.