Social Activities and Development

WECA seeks to provide a Christian environment in which a student may receive a well-rounded education. Extra curricular activities include:

  • Athletic activities
  • Daily chapel programs
  • Quarterly field trips
  • 5th/6th grade outdoor education
  • Community service


Daycare is available before school starting at 7:00AM and after school until 6:00PM.


WECA is committed to a Bible-based curriculum utilizing carefully selected materials from A Beka Books. The curriculum used by WECA offers the student basic truths of the Word as the basis of all education.

Elementary Subjects

Bible, phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, composition, mathematics, science, history, social studies, music, art, computers, and physical education.

Middle School Subjects

Bible, English, Reading, Government, American History, Mathematics, Speech and Drama, Physical Science, Geography, Art, Health, World History, and South Dakota History.